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My name is Gábor Paller. Welcome to my homepage ! I have compiled some pages about me and my work as introduction.

There is a curriculum vitae on the pages devoted to my work but that is too dry so I write something about me here too. I was born 6. february 1968 in a small city Sellye (pronounced Sheie) in southwestern Hungary. I had lived quite a long time in Pécs, (about Petsch) which is a very beautiful city, Pécs remains to be a very dear city to me. I have been living in Budapest for more than 20 years in a quarter called Újpest but I could not get accustomed to this city.

By profession I am electrical engineer but you should read about it on my work pages. Here I would rather talk about the excursions that we make on almost every weekend. Naturally, my most favourite places are the mountains that I can visit rarely, the Zempléni-mountain, Cserehát and the Mecsek. But it is nice to have that we have such a magnificient place nearby like the Börzsöny mountain.

I was 25 years old when I discovered the folkdances as a very good entertainment and since then I visit the dancehouses very often. I tried every kind of dances from the Turkish to the Breton but the best of all are the Hungarian folkdances. Try it, it is not easy but it is worth.

During a longer stay in France I discovered the Internet as cure against boredom, since then I am quite active on the Net. I am a moderator of a discussion list on HIX (Hungarian Information Exchange). I consider the Internet, however, as a supplement where one can contact many interesting people but still it cannot replace the real impressions.

If you find anything interesting on these pages or you would like to join us for an excursion don't hesitate to write me ! I try to answer every letter.